Offerte culturali e per il tempo libero senza possibilità di annoiarsi

Qui nel Rheingau c'è sempre da divertirsi: alla tradizionale festa del vino di Rüdesheim, durante una romantica gita in nave con fuochi d'artificio o durante una delle tante altre manifestazioni. Abbiamo preparato una lista delle manifestazioni in programma. Così potete pianificare il Vostro soggiorno e non perdere le interessanti offerte. In ogni caso nel Rheingau non Vi annoierete, Ve lo promettiamo.

Il Rheingau e la valle del Reno superiore, con i loro castelli e le città culturali sono stati dichiarati Patrimonio Mondiale UNESCO.

Avete così a disposizione numerose possibilità per esplorare. La cosa migliore è provarle tutte. Potete per esempio fare una gita in nave nel passato ricco di castelli e di avventure medioevali, oppure una romantica passeggiata in carrozza nei luoghi storici o fare camminate tra i vigneti, i prati o i boschi. Potete godere una bellissima vista panoramica da uno dei tanti altopiani o dall'alto della seggiovia dalla quale potete ammirare la singolare natura del Rheingau.

Mettiamo a Vostra disposizione materiale illustrativo riguardante le varie gite possibili. A richiesta pianifichiamo anche un giro particolare per Voi con i consigli personali da parte dei Blattersbach solo per i nostri clienti. Avete ancora un desiderio? Chiedete a noi.

Niederwald monument & cable car

The "Germania" was build in 1871 and is located above Rüdesheim am Rhein. The 38m high statue is deemed to be the landmark of our region. You can reach it by car (car parking behind the statue) or with the cable car (valley station in the pedestrian area of Rüdesheim); by foot you might not need more than 10 minutes to reach the station from our house

torture museum

view the instruments used for torture in the middle ages. Learn about the methods of torture, witches, funeral piles, witch-hunts, witchcraft, the Inquisition, and the Medieval punishments; 10 minutes walking from our house

Rudesheim Segtours

A Segway enables you to ride almost silently through the stunning Upper Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO World Heritage. Thanks to this unique means of transportation, the hilly landscape can be experienced at a leisurely pace and completely relaxed. Roll with us along the River Rhine, get to know some historical sites and enjoy the high-quality food in the Rheingau. The tours provide driving enjoyment at its best. The trend vehicle Segway is easy to use and everyone aged 15 and older can participate with appropriate licence in the tours.

Siegfrieds Mechanical Music cabinet

unique museum for mechanical music instruments above the Drosselgasse; 10 minutes walking from our house

Rüdesheimer Winzerexpress

enjoy the wineyards and a lot of more sights in Rüdesheim with the incomparable noddy train! Start is in front of the music cabinet above the Drosselgasse; 10 minutes walking from our house

Rheingauer wine museum Brömserburg

wine culture and history presented in the more than 1.000 year old Brömserburg castle - one of the oldest castle at the Rhine

Abbey St. Hildegard, Eibingen

Above the town in the vineyards you can find the Abbey St. Hildegard. t was build at the beginning of the 20th century in memory of the great german Saint Hildegard of Bingen. Today the nuns of the Abbey of St Hildegard, like all Benedictines, live by a rule, which is over 1400 years old, and goes back to St Benedict. They are self-sustaining and you can buy candles, wines, jewellery, books and much more in the abbey shop.


Rambling on a higher ground. The Rheinsteig® trail runs along the right bank of the river Rhine between Bonn, Koblenz und Wiesbaden along predominantly narrow paths and challenging inclines, uphill and downhill, leading to forests, vineyards and spectacular views. This exceptionally well sign-posted and closely networked trail offers opportunities for ambitious long-distance walking tours or for a variety of short tours. It can easily be reached by train, boat and car and is near several airports.


on the rhine promenade a lot of ships invite you to spend a day on the unique river to discover the incomparable middle rhine valley from a very special perspective. Book a tour at the company Bingen-Ruedesheimer, KD or Roessler. 5 minutes walking from our house to the rhine promenade.

Ponyland Ebental

a family friendly free time paradise inbetween a lovely countryside above Rüdesheim with sulky rides, horse-drawn caravan rides, helicopter flights, nature camping and much more

Taunus Wunderland

amusement park nearby Schlangenbad; fun and adventure for the whole family! approx. 38 km away from Ruedesheim.


Indoor-, fun and game park with a lot of possibilities for children up from 2 years old. approx. 33 km away from Ruedesheim.


Lama- und Alpaca farm yard, approx. 17 km away from Ruedesheim.

Kloster Eberbach experience the mystic heritage of the distercian monks! The monastery is especially famous for the movie "The name of the rose" with Sean Connery which was shot here, approx. 15 km away from Ruedesheim.

Furthermore countless monasteries, castles and mansions are inviting for exploration, stay and discovery. You can find open-air baths in Eltville, Rüdesheim and Hallgarten, an indoor swimming pool in Geisenheim; adventure pools/thermal baths are located between Ingelheim and Bingen (Rheinwelle), in Wiesbaden (Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme) and Hofheim (Rhein-Main-Therme).